Church of St Francis


  1. The Liberal Catholic Church is an independent and self-governing body; neither Roman Catholic nor Protestant---but Catholic. It derives its Episcopal Succession through the Old Catholic Church and came into existence as a separate body in 1916. It aims at combining the traditional sacramental from of worship---with its stately ritual, its deep mysticism, and its abiding witness to the reality of sacramental grace---with the widest measure of intellectual liberty and respect for the individual conscience. It therefore permits to its members freedom of interpretation of the Scriptures, the Creeds, and the Liturgy. Regarding the mind as one of the great avenues to spiritual apprehension, it encourages among its adherents the freest play of scientific or philosophic thought.

  2. Its Apostolic Success is accepted as valid by all branches of the Catholic Church; it maintains the seven historical sacraments and the Holy Eucharist as its primary service of worship.

  1. Church of St Francis

  2. 12 W. School Street, Villa Park, IL 60181

The Liberal Catholic Church, USA

Traditional Catholic Eucharist

Not the church of yesterday;

rather, the church of always